My dad told us that the national federal government would protect our schools. The prime minister has additionally raised this dilemma

Malala’s journal: 18 January 2009

I became quite delighted initially, the good news is i am aware but this may maybe perhaps not re re solve our issue.

“Here in Swat we hear everyday that a lot of soldiers had been killed therefore numerous had been kidnapped at such and such spot. But law enforcement are nowhere to be noticed.

“Our moms and dads may also be extremely frightened. They told us they’d perhaps maybe perhaps not deliver us to college until or unless the Taleban by by themselves declare in the FM channel that girls can head to college. The military can also be in charge of the interruption within our training.

“People won’t need to be familiar with these exact things during the chronilogical age of nine or 10 or 11 but we had been seeing terrorism and extremism, she says so I had to be aware. Continue Reading